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IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs: A New & Improved System


The world has been passing through the COVID-19 crisis ever since the first case was caught in late December 2019. Countries employed several different techniques to take the pandemic under control, such as lockdowns, shelter in place warnings, social distancing, extensive testing, and contact tracing. The situation has already improved and life is back to normal with hygiene precautions in place. We believe by end of the summer we will go back to new-normal by adaptingourselves to new rules and regulations. We will also take the opportunities that pandemic presented us with. At IEFT, we believe that every crisis can be turned into an opportunity to improve and move forward in life.We are well aware that all industries have gone through significant changes due to the pandemic, and so does the international educational fairs industry. Toensure the health of all the participants of our fairs, we have been working day and night to come up with an innovative system: IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs.

During the pandemic, as the IEFT team, we wanted to keep supporting all our collaborators through online seminars, emailing, sms, and social media campaigns. Therefore, we created a project called 'IEFT Talks Webinars', and other marketing tools that offer a spot for all our international partners to present themselves in the Turkish market and meet their potential students.

In the scope of the IEFT Talks Webinars, we have organized 250 webinars with the participation of our partner schools and organizations from all over the world. Our webinars have been quite the success and brought together around 10.000 students & parents. So, we are planning to continue with the project for the rest of this summer to keep supporting our partners.

IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs: A New & Improved System

Forget all you know about traditional international educational fairs because IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs is about to change the future of international fairs.

We believe that international travel and the International Educational Fairs go hand in hand, and they will continue to prosper in the future. Meeting with students and parents face to face will be still as crucial as it used to be before the pandemic. However, there has been a recent shift to the digital world and it seems to stay for good in the future. Therefore, IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs incorporates the best of the two worlds: online and face to face events all under the same roof.

How does IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs Work?

In the scope of this innovative fair, we will use online resources regularly. We will do pre-screen video meetings, online seminars, and conferences. However, the final decisions will be made through face to face – one to one - meetings at the fair.

The process is simple yet effective. Because it eliminates the students who are not serious, and it makes sure you receive only the high quality, serious students.

IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs in 5 Simple Steps

1. The potential student or parents fills a form to attend the school's webinars and also face to face meetings

2. The potential student examines the school profile and requests a meeting.

3. The school examines the potential student's profile to decide if they would like to meet with the student.

4. The school presents a webinar to potential students before coming to face to face meetings and after that schedules a meeting for a face to face meeting at the IEFT Hybrid Fall fairs in October.

5. The school meets the potential student at the fairs and recruits the student right away. If the school will not be present at the fair, they can work with their agent and recruit the students through agents or online platforms instead.

Online Works to do Before On-Site Face to Face Meetings

Our new & improved IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs will incorporate online events with on-site events to achieve maximum benefit for all our international collaborators. Here are some specifics of the IEFT Hybrid/Blended Fairs:

· The schools will give a webinar to introduce themselves to the potential students before traveling to on-site fairs..

· We work with the advanced technology platform Marcom Ace for all our online events and fairs. Marcom Ace is created by MARCOM just to bring schools and students organize appointments

· We will launch the online events 4 weeks before the onsite fairs to achieve the maximum exposure and provide enough time for all online meetings.

· The schools will be able to view each students' profile to make sure only those who fit the application criteria gets a face to face meetings

· Each profile will be pre-screened according to school's profile

· The students will see each school's profile and programs to be able to apply for the right school

· Both schools and students will be able to meet each other on Zoom or other apps for video meetings to discuss details

· Each school will prescreen and give appointments to potential students to ensure all meetings are fruitful with a positive outcome


On-Site Events and Face to Face Meetings

· Our on-site events will be similar to the regular IEFT fairs, taking place in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.

· The only difference will be that the meetings will be through reservations and therefore it won't be as crowded and packed as it was before.

· This is to ensure the safety of all the participant school representatives, students, parents, and organizers.

· This will not reduce the number of potential students, and instead, it will give you a chance to have focused meetings with only the serious candidates.

· During our on-site events, we will take all the necessary hygiene precautions; masks, and hand sanitizers will be widely distributed, as well as cleaning stations will be implemented. Social distancing rules will be reminded through regular intervals as well as upon entry.

· Each School will have a table in 10 sqm space and separators. Students and parents will come by appointment in every 20 minutes. So, you will be able to have around 30 one-to-one meetings each day from 10 am to 7 pm, as 3 days in Istanbul, 1 day in Ankara, and 1 day in Izmir. Thus, each participant will be able to meet around 150 potential pre-screened students and parents.


Online After On-Site Events

· After the fairs, you will still be able to meet students online to discuss more in detail and follow up through Zoom meetings. All the data who is interested in you will be given to you.

· We will carry on assisting you in promoting your schools through our Webinars, E-mailing, SMS, and Social Media Marketing campaigns.


The Venues and Dates

39th IEFT Fairs - Spring 2021
14 March 2021 - Ankara Sheraton Hotel
16 March 2021 -  Izmir Hilton Hotel
19 March 2021 - Istanbul Asian Side - Wyndham Grand Kalamis
20-21 March 2021 - Istanbul European Side - Istanbul Congress Centre

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