IEFT Fairs Türkiye

IEFT Fairs Türkiye

IEFT, the leading student trecruitmen fair in Turkiye, organizes fairs twice a year since 2001. The recruitment tour will take place in Istanbul European & Asian Side, Ankara, and Izmir.  The institutions have a chance to meet the prospective students at the fairs and recruit Turkish students.

We have successfully completed our March events with the participation of 160 institutions from 30 different countries and we had a total of around 15.000 visitors in all three cities.
Get your space secured for IEFT Fall Fairs which will be held between 20-27 October 2024 in Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul to meet prospective Turkish students and their families with the 10% early-bird discount through!

44th IEFT Fall Fairs 2024
20 October 2024 Sunday – Ankara Sheraton Hotel
22 October 2024 Tuesday – Izmir Ege Palas Business Hotel
24 October 2024 Thursday – Istanbul Asian Side, Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi
26-27 October 2024 Saturday&Sunday – Istanbul European Side, Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus

What to expect at IEFT Fairs?

•  High Quality And Fee-Paying Students
•  Family Oriented Events
•  Smart Data Collection Technology & IEFT APP
•  “Four Pillars” at IEFT
•  Prestigious and Comfortable Venues
•  International Sponsors and Partners
•  New Domestic Marketing Concept
•  Rich Social Activities and Tours
•  Expert and Friendly Team
•  Cost Effective, Timesaving Printing and Ready Setup – “Just Bring Yourself We Will Take Care Of Rest”

• High Quality, Fee-Paying Students

Our numbers and the feedback from the evaluations prove that high quality and fee-paying students have increased in Turkey and at IEFT events. The students are from highly respected universities and high schools in Turkey. Our domestic marketing team organizes the marketing of each IEFT event very carefully and markets to a much targeted audience, creating a new marketing plan for each education program, each area of interest and each country. We also aim to provide well-informed, motivated, self-conscious students, who are generally aware of their skills and scores by organizing TOEFL IBT, IELTS and ACT trial tests during the fairs with our academic partners. The fair hours will be longer and starting earlier due to the requests from our visitors and exhibitors. Our domestic marketing team use very different and effective marketing channels such as Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, social media marketing, fliers and invitation distribution at prestigious universities and high schools, newspaper ads and news articles, outdoor marketing in metro stations, and carefully selected shopping centers and business districts in order to reach the correct students and their parents.  We also use SMS messages and e-mailing, and we invite Turkish Universities’ International Offices, high school counselors and high schools parent associations.  

• Most Family Oriented Events of Turkey

We believe that parents are the most influential decision makers particularly for undergraduate, high school and junior language school studies; therefore, we pay special attention in order to bring more parents to our events with their children. In the last IEFT fairs we had around 2,000 family members who are interested in study abroad and have the means to send their children abroad. In addition, we expect this interest will increase and be reflected in our fall 2019 IEFT events. These families are also excellent targets for academic programs in the long run. Our evaluations and fair surveys show that many parents are more likely to create a long-term education plan for their kids and IEFT gives them the best opportunity to meet education providers from all over the world. Once again in the upcoming IEFT, there will be specific domestic marketing promotions and targeted campaigns to get prospective students and their parents to attend.

• Cost Effective, Time-saving Printing And Ready Set-Up - “Just Bring Yourself, We Will Take Care Of The Rest”

From now on, you do not need to ship or carry any marketing materials here to Turkey. All you need is your personal belongings and IEFT will take care of the rest for a smooth recruitment trip. In a digital world, we are aware that people tend to carry lighter marketing materials. During the fairs we advise you to have folded a4 flyers with a maximum of 4 pages, rather than having thick brochures. We would be happy to print these for you.  Also, rather than carrying a pop up banner, we will print you a display with the artwork you send, which you will be able to use for the whole tour.  With this method, you will not only save on printing, shipping and customs, but also a lot of time in the process. 

• “Four Pillars” at IEFT

At this event, we will focus on 4 main areas: “undergraduate”, “postgraduate”, “language &summer schools” and “high school programs”

-Postgraduate Programs:  Our surveys shows that fall is the time when most postgraduate students look for programs. You will be able to meet highly motivated students from the most prestigious universities of Turkey as well as young professionals exploring their future study/career options. Our statistics show that more than 40% of our visitors are asking for postgraduate programs during the fall fairs. The most popular branches for postgraduate study are business and management, engineering and other technical fields, medicine and other medical fields, and social sciences and humanities.

-Undergraduate Programs: Compared to the prior years, there is a great increase in the interest for undergraduate programs. At last October’s fair around 35 % of our visitors showed interest in undergraduate programs. Also these are the target groups for foundation and A level programs. The most popular branches for undergraduate courses are: law, computer science and information technology, media and communications, business and management. We carefully organize our domestic marketing in order to bring the most prestigious high school students with their parents. We believe bringing the parents to the fair is extremely helpful for recruiting undergraduate students. In the end, the parents are the decision makers at undergraduate level.

-High School Programs: The interest for international secondary education has been rapidly increasing in Turkey. In the prior years the interest was around 5%but right now it is around 14-15% at our fairs. We are expecting this will increase due to Turkey’s huge young population and the competitive environment in Turkey. At the last fair, around 11,000 people visited the fairs on the weekend in Istanbul and around 2000 of them were part of families. Again like the undergraduate level, at the high school level the decision makers are the parents so our target is to bring more families who have an International mindset and budget to send their children abroad. In our recent fairs we had high schools from the UK, Canada, the USA, Switzerland and they were quite happy with the quality and level of interest from students. 

-Language and Summer School Programs:  In Turkey, English Language skills are still very low by international standards, so English programs will always be popular at the recruitment events. The main motivation of language course students is to improve their language skills, have further studies abroad or at home, have a better career, and improve themselves socially. Turkey sends almost 50,000 students each year abroad for language and summer school programs. The age group is from 7 to 40. At the IEFT fairs around 55% of the attendees are interested in language programs and language summer camps. Fall is a great timing to recruit for long-term language programs. The average stay for Turkish students in language programs are 12 weeks; however, in fall fairs the registrations are for longer periods of study.

• Prestigious and Comfortable Venues

As the leading recruitment event in Turkey, we are organizing the events in 5-star venue hotels or the most prestigious congress centers, such as the Hilton or the Sheraton.  The event venues are easily accessible, and each of them is in an ideal location to host meetings and events. As you know all the IEFT participants are eligible for special rates in five-star accommodation at the fair venues and we would be happy to assist you with your booking.

• Full Year Online Support with IEFTOnline

IEFTOnline is a free-of-charge service only for the exhibitors and gives a chance of online branding and marketing for the entire year. All IEFT participants study programs are entered into IEFTOnline and this service will allow students to search for your institution all year round.

The IEFT Online Advisor team will be giving assistance to pass on potential interest directly to the institutions’ admissions department for the whole year. Additionally with the Seminars Live Concept we are able to support you in many ways and give excellent online exposure, unlike the other recruitment events in Turkey. Also during the IEFT fairs we have a special desk designed for the IEFTONLINE team and they will assist the visitors in finding the right schools and programs by actively using the system. We encourage the schools either to enter their programs into the system themselves or our team can organize this for you.

• International Sponsors and Partners

We are monitoring industry trends and working on strategic partnerships for each event. As IEFT we have many international partners that support us in this market so we can make specialized country villages such as the British Education Village, the EducationUSA Village (Supported by EducationUSA and EnglishUSA), the Education in Canada Village (supported by Canadian Consulate General), the Study in Australia Village (supported by Austrade), Study in France (supported by Campus France), Study in Germany (supported by DAAD), Study in Lithuania, Study in Sweden (supported by Swedish Institute), Study in Poland, Education in Ireland , Education Malaysia (supported by Consulate General of Malaysia), etc. at the IEFT Exhibitions. Villages allow groups to successfully brand not only their partner schools but also their countries.

•  New Domestic Marketing Concept 

Because the IEFT Team has a lot of experience in International Education Marketing in Turkey, the team organizes the marketing of each IEFT event very carefully, and targets a specific audience, creating an innovative marketing plan for each event and each concept.  We are using print marketing and outdoor promotions such as outdoor banners, posters and invitations, metro light boxes and stand activities, metrobus interiors, university campus boards, and light pole banners -These are the best advertising concepts for Turkey. They are very catchy and they attract the attention of thousands. In addition, we are using a great mix of web promotions such as banner ads and pop up ads in web portals, PR - video ads, social media ads, and google. With more than 19 years’ experience in the market and an interactive team on the ground, IEFT has the most valid and active database in the market. We send targeted mail based on the country of interest or subject of interest and reach around 1,000,000 active email users per fair. Member SMS messages are also sent to pre-registered students. SMS messages will be sent before and during the fair to share fair information and announcements.

IEFT has a dynamic, creative and young social media team.  

- We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedln.
- We follow the new trends!
- We can link your school page!
- We can share your campus video!
- We build creative - different contests in each fair!
- We are offering photo booth sections at our fair for your group pictures and selfies! 

• Rich Social activities and tours

In addition to our recruitment fairs, IEFT also arranges a number of exciting free social activities throughout the fair tour so that participants have the opportunity to experience the beauty, culture and history of Turkey. The tours include an Istanbul old city tour, where you can experience one of the world’s greatest cities, Istanbul boat cruise with dinner and entertainment, the Great Ephesus tour through one of the best well-kept Roman cities in the world, the Izmir boardwalk dinner with fresh and delicious Mediterranean food, and many other networking events that make your trip an unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime.