Full Package Marketing Plan

As we all know,COVID-19 has managed to paralyze life everywhere in the world. We all got into the many difficulties during this time. But, as IEFT Team, we believe it is always possible toturn the crisis into an opportunitywith the right collaboration. Therefore, we would be happy to support you in the Turkish market, introduce your institution to your potential students in a right way, and help you toget through this difficult time stronger than ever.

So, we have a great marketing plan for maximizing your marketing efforts in the Turkish market which is 'an exclusive package'for your branding. With only a small amount of budget, you can start connecting with hundreds of thousands of students in Turkey and reach highly motivated potential students right away. Our marketing efforts includeWebinars,Google, Facebook & Instagram Ads, E-mailing and SMScampaigns to our student database.

Package fee is only 2,300 USD and the below is included:

  • 3 Interactive IEFT Talk Webinarswhich we guarantee 70-150 students & families for each webinar. Also, we will share the attendees' data with you just after the webinars (Please see theother details below for IEFT Talks Webinars)

  • SMSto around 100,000 students

  • E-mailingto around 1,000,000 students

  • Paid Googleadvertisements
  • Paid Instagram& Facebook ads(We do social media promotions to the specifically target groups, specific promotion for your institution & programs)
Why You Should Attend Interactive Webinars:
Easy to Use

No technical data necessary, no need to download any programs or applications. We have a very simple system.


You can book as many sessions as you want. If you can't make it to the scheduled session, we can reschedule anytime with no extra charge as long as you let us know a week in advance.

Short and Sweet

There is no specific format to follow. You can decide on how much time you would like to spend on presenting and on the question & answer chunk.

Direct & Efficient

IEFT has a very large database of Turkish students. IEFT Talks Webinars are to the point and effective because you directly meet the serious potential students and families, instead of wasting your precious time and efforts on those who are just looking.

Suitable for All Institutions

Regardless of the educational programs you offer, IEFT Talks Webinars are suitable for all institutions whether you are a university, a college, a high school or a language school.

Always there for you

Our friendly and professional IEFT Talks Team is always there for you 24/7. We are committed to giving you the best IEFT Talks Webinars experience.
We have welcomed over 200 institutions and 5.000 students & parents at the IEFT Talks Webinars. You can see the institutions listhere.

If you have any questions, please contact us at reservations@ieft.net. We would be happy to assist you. 
Best Regards,
IEFT Team.