At Turkish Student, we know that good distribution of a magazine is the key to its success. Our 25.000 copies per issue will be distributed as follows:


Selected contact persons at public and private secondary schools 3500
International offices at the private and public Turkish colleges and universities 1000
Student counselling centers at Turkish colleges and universities 1000
Turkish career consulting firms 250
More than 250 language schools in Turkey 1000
More than 150 Turkish education counselling agencies 1500
Related department of Education Ministry 250
University student social clubs 500
International education and job fairs 8000
Universities and high schools in Northern Cyprus 1000
Additional supply for replenishment to above as well as specimen copies 2000
Sales: 5000

To guarantee a broader geographical reach, Turkish Student will also be available at press agencies throughout Turkey and Northern Cyprus. As a partner for this, we have chosen the popular Dogan Medya, who will distribute 5000 copies.

Total: 25.000


Turkish Student will be promoted through newspaper press releases, as well as on relevant web portals in Turkey. Student databases will be compiled to ensure ongoing information about upcoming issues is sent out on a regular basis. Currently, our student database holds more than 50,000 names, all of who will know about Turkish Student magazine.

IEFT – International Education Fairs of Turkey is our education fair partner in Turkey. We distribute over 16000 copies annually at IEFT's fair circuits held in Turkey's key cities each Spring, Summer and Fall. www.ieft.net

As well, Turkish Student magazine’s website is in English for advertisers and contributors, and in Turkish for students.