Euroasia Agent Workshop

Euroasia Agent Workshop

We have finished the 4th EuroAsia  Agent Workshop with a great success and just opened the registrations for October 2019. By virtue of our success, we are extending our networks and the workshop will be welcoming around 200 exclusively selected agents from the Middle East, Central Asia, Western and Northern Africa and extending the diversity to now include Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

In March 2019, we have hosted over 225 participants with 75 educators and 150 agent representatives. We had a highly effective agent networking from Turkey, CIS region, Middle East and African countries, Central Asia as well as Far East. Also, for first time we organized Euroasia Awards to honor the best performance of educators. EuroAsia Agent Workshop agencies have voted for the international schools in 13 categories. The winners announced in a major ceremony during the EuroAsia Welcome Reception, with the participation of around 500 industry leaders. You can see the 2018 winners here.

We will be happy to see you at 5th EuroAsia Agent Workshop which will be at its new Venue, The Marmara Taksim, on 28-30 October 2019. The timing of the workshop is perfect as you will be able to attend  IEFT Fall events to take the advantage of leading student recruitment fairs in Turkey, on 21-27 October, 2019. 

Why you should attend such a fruitful event:
  3 nights (October 28-30) accomodation at five star hotel,

  Bosphorus boat tour with hosted dinner, drinks and belly dancer,

  Social activities and networking opportunity,

  Fam Trip to Turkish Universities,

  Booking your meetings via Marcom eSchedule PRO Online Meeting Booking System, 

  Great Opportunity to have face to face meetings with school executives or managers,
 ♦ Excellent workshop timing for both schools and agents,

 ♦ Easy access to Istanbul from everywhere,

 ♦ Opportunity to visit International Education Fairs of Turkey(IEFT) just before EuroAsia Agent Workshop,

 ♦ Attending EuroAsia Awards Ceremony that enables all participants to network with almost 500 sector leaders,

 ♦ Attending discussion meetings to enlighten the problems of our sector,

 ♦ Getting a certificate of participation at EuroAsia Agent Workshop.

We have reserved 100 places for our partner educators and service providers. The registration for EuroAsia Workshop event is open. Please register in order to take advantage from our special offers. For further information, please get in touch with our team at or visit our website.

Please have a look at our agent network here.