The Cities IEFT Holds Fairs

Turkey is a quickly-developing country, with the youngest population ratio in Europe. The country is working towards being in the top 15 economies of the World by 2020; so now, more than ever, there is a large market for a skilled, educated, globally-minded current and future workforce. 

The biggest city  Istanbul is the financial, economic and cultural heart of the country.  An estimated 75.5% of Turkey's population live in urban centers. The capital city of Turkey is Ankara, and third largest city is Izmir. The three largest and well-known cities consist of almost 1/3 of country in terms of population. The 3 biggest cities produce more than half of Turkey’s GDP. 

Although Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir are well known cities and the biggest cities of Turkey has been changing a lot recently in terms of economy and social life. Some cities in Turkey are mushrooming, growing and getting richer and richer. Some cities of Turkey like Bursa, Konya, Antalya and Gaziantep are becoming very important industrial and business cities as well as University towns. 

Anatolian Tigers is a term internationally used in the context of the Turkish economy to refer to and to explain the phenomenon of a number of cities in Turkey which have displayed impressive growth records since the 1980s, as well as to a define a new breed of entrepreneurs rising in prominence and who can often be traced back to the cities in question and who generally rose from the status of SMEs.

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