Population : 1,992,675
Number of Universities : 4 
Number of High Schools : 80

A unique combination of ancient mysticism and modernity, Konya is a holy place in the Muslim world as well as being a popular tourist destination. The Mevlana Museum is the ultimate highlight to Konya. The museum itself is located within a past tekke, a building from the Mevlevi dervish sect, which cannot be missed due to its recognisable turquoise coloured dome. Konya is a city where the mystery and devotion of the past meets the present day. A unique combination of mysticism and modernity, Konya is a destination which cannot be forgotten. Konya is a city in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. The metropolitan area in the entire Konya Province had a population of 1,036,027 as of 2010, making the city the seventh most populous in Turkey.

There are various elementary and secondary schools in the Konya municipality.

Selçuk University is carrying out educational activities at 22 faculties,  1 State Conservatory and Application Centres. Selçuk University has nearly 85,000 students and a population of approximately 3,900 academicians and administrative personnel. 

Konya University was founded in 2011 and opened its doors in 2012. It is separated from Selcuk University. 

Private Universities in Konya include Karatay University and Mevlana University.  Both universities have more than 3,000 students.