22nd IEFT - Fall 2012

Registration is now open for the IEFT Fall 2012 Exhibition!

Just Bring Yourself for the 22nd IEFT- Turkey Fairs in October
1-13, 2012, IEFT Will Take Care of the Rest !!!

Warm greetings from IEFT! We’re back in the office after completing our 21st IEFT Fair Tour. Thank you to all of our exhibitors and 20,000 student visitors for making it one of our best tours yet. We would now like to announce that Registration is now open for our 22nd IEFT Fairs, and we have a few exciting changes here at IEFT for 2012! We’d like you to bring yourself to the 22nd IEFT Fairs, where we’ll take care of your brochures, roll-up banners and stand design for you!

22nd IEFT Fall 2012

1 October 2012 - Bursa, Almira Hotel 
2 October 2012 - Ankara, Sheraton Hotel
4 October 2012 - Izmir, Hilton Hotel
6-7 October 2012 - Istanbul, Hilton Hotel
9 October 2012 - Adana, Hilton Hotel
11 October 2012 - Antalya, Divan Hotel
13 october 2012 – Gaziantep, Grand Hotel

Cities Cities
Early-Bird Discounted Price 
(Please register before July 1, 2012)
Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana 5.900 € 5.310 €
Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa or Adana 5,100 € 4.590 €
Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir 4.750 € 4.275 €
Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir 4.150 € 3.735 €
Istanbul Only 3.200 € 2.880 €
Antalya, Gaziantep 1.200 € 1,080 €
Package Price (7 cities / 8 fair days) 6.500 € 5.850 €

We’ve opened the 22nd IEFT Registration as well as our new website (www.ieft.net) and are now offering Online Registration!

With our new website, we are aiming at making your registration and participation at our IEFT Fairs easier, faster and more customer friendly. To register for IEFT fairs, simply click on the Online register button on our website and fill out our online forms with your information. This system allows you not only to follow your registration online but also to lower your costs of communicating with us. With the new online registration system, you can book your hotels and flights for your stay during the fair days as well.

Just Bring Yourself! You can now print brochures, roll-up banners, stand back-drops and other promotional materials here in Turkey and keep your participation cost as low as possible.

Just bring yourself for the 22nd IEFT Fair! Rather than deal with shipping and customs costs that you may encounter by printing and sending from your home country, we’re happy to print any materials that you may need during our fairs here in Turkey. Simply send us a .pdf file of the materials you need and we’ll print them and deliver them to you at your booth during the IEFT Fairs in each city so you do not have to carry anything with you. Contact us at
info@ieft.net for pricing information.

New Promotional and Sponsorship opportunities can help you gain Maximum Exposure in the Turkish Market!

In addition to participation in the IEFT Fairs, you can take advantage of our fairs by sponsoring IEFT bags or pens to be distributed to students, advertise in IEFT Study Abroad Magazine, send targeted email blasts to our database, place banners on our student website and much more. IEFT holds the largest student database in Turkey, with nealy 1,000,000 student contacts collected over the past few years. Please visit www.ieft.net for more information.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. We hope to see you here in Turkey in October  2012!